Visits at the farm for fresh or frozen cranberries purchases by appointment only. Call us head at 819-475-3867

Fresh cranberries

  • Available from late September to late December.
  • Keep for up to three months in the fridge.
  • In 454-g (1-lb.) and 2.36-kg (5-lb.) bags, in bulk, or pick-your-own.

To get your hands on our fresh products, see our distributors!

Frozen cranberries

  • Available year round.
  • In 454-g (1-lb.), 600 g, 2.36-kg (5-lb.) bags, or in bulk.
  • Keep for one year in the freezer. They do not have to be thawed before using.

To get your hands on our frozen cranberries, see our distributors!

canneberges séchés


No added sugar

No fat

No colouring

No preservatives

Just 100% natural cranberries…

Available year round. In 25-g and 1-kg bags, or in bulk.

Dried cranberries are cranberries whose water has been removed, without changing their nutritional properties, for a longer shelf life. This process involves a low-temperature tray dehydrator. Dehydration produces nutritional and tasty foods, which is not the case for high-temperature oven drying.

This product is dry and therefore non-perishable.

canneberges enrobée de chocolat

fresh cranberry coated with chocolate

Just 100% natural cranberries…

Available in limited quantities between early October and late December.